Inflatable lifejackets Race

Lifejackets in this category are designed for active sailing and especially to be comfortable to wear for long periods. All lifejackets in Racing category are available with integrated spray hood and lifejacket light to comply with the current international yacht racing regulations.


Inflatable lifejackets Comfort

As the title suggests, these lifejackets are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. All comfort models are designed to fit closely to the body, constructed using soft pliable yet highly durable materials. Control inspection windows to easily check the status of the inflation mechanism are standard on these lifejackets.


Inflatable lifejackets Allround

Our versatile lifejackets can be used in almost all circumstances, all models are equipped with a fleece collar, detachable crutch strap, on most models you have the option of either the buckle or integrated safety harness.