The Ocean 5 – record breaking Atlantic row

Last year Baltic supported a team of adventurers called The Ocean 5 who put themselves to the ultimate test by taking on one of the world’s greatest physical challenges and rowed 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. They were one of the teams in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge


The team approached Baltic looking for some key safety gear. Inspired by their goal and the project they were promoting, Baltic supplied crew with five Legend 165 auto harness lifejackets with sprayhoods and lights as well as harnesses and supreme safety lines.


The Ocean 5 did an amazing job and reached land on the 17th January after 36 days at sea.  They finished 4th overall and they also broke the record for the fastest 5-man team Atlantic row by just under 24 hours.


Team member, Chris Hodgson commented after the race, “On behalf of the team, I’d like to express my gratitude for supplying us with such great lifejackets, harnesses & tethers. The harnesses and tethers were worn literally 24/7 as it was imperative that we did not become unattached from the vessel. We were seriously impressed with tethers, in particular the ease of use of the carabiners and their resistance to corrosion in the harshest of environments. We used the lifejackets an awful lot and not only felt very safe but comfortable too. As a seafarer who has worn nearly every type of lifejacket on the market, I can say with certainty that these are the best I’ve come across.”

The Ocean5 project was established to raise awareness and funds towards the Plastic Soup Foundation, who are leading the fight against plastic pollution directly at source by preventing it entering the environment and the ocean. Today there is 393 million tons of plastic in the ocean, 99 % of which is hidden below the surface as the “plastic soup”.

Congratulations to The Ocean5 from all the team at Baltic.

Key appointment UK

Ian Clark appointed as new Head of Business for Baltic UK
Baltic Safety Products have appointed Ian Clark as their new Head of Business for the UK
office. Ian takes over the role from Keith Hughes who will be retiring at the end of

Press the link below to see the whole press release.


Baltic make key appointment for UK Office (1)

Baltic Lifejackets celebrate 40 years!

Baltic Lifejackets Sweden celebrates 40 years.


Baltic Lifejackets has grown over the last 40 years to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of lifejackets, buoyancy aids and floatation clothing.

The first product ever produced was a buoyancy aid called the Tropic. The range has grown considerably since that time, and now includes over 12 different product groups giving customers a comprehensive choice whatever their activity. Today Baltic Lifejackets is represented by distributors in over 50 countries.

Having started the business with an all-round Buoyancy aid Baltic expanded their range with the first inflatable lifejacket in 1984 and specialist buoyancy aid, the Canoe, in 1985.  Baltic R&D department have always looked at solutions to providing ways of keeping safe for a wide variety of activities, from sailing, to fishing, kayaking, to working near the water.  Floatation clothing, which is now widely seen in the market, was first introduced to the Baltic range in 1993, with a jacket called the Newport.

Baltic products cover a wide range of activities.  Leisure products range from inflatable lifejackets, to personal floatation devices, all purpose, and specialist buoyancy aids. The products include a large range of baby and child lifejackets. Baltic also have a range of buoyancy aids suitable for both dogs and cats. A range of Baltic floatation suits protect people from the dangers of cold shock, whilst helping the wearer keep afloat. Baltic floatation jackets provide buoyancy whilst looking like fashion wear jackets.

Baltic also have a range of industrial products.  These range from lifejackets and buoyancy aids, to floatation clothing.  Many Baltic products are worn by emergency and rescue services throughout the world, as well as those who need to wear a lifejacket for their work.

The CE approved rating was introduced in 1992  and Baltic is an M.E.D/SOLAS approved manufacturer, approved to ISO 9001. Baltic products are also manufactured to other standards around the world such as South African, Australian and Russian. Baltic’s founder, Per Frode, sits on the EN ISO Global Working Group for marine safety equipment, meaning that Baltic always keeps safety at the heart of every product designed.

In this, their 40th year, Baltic are improving and extending their Älgarås headquarters which is currently 6000 sqm and incorporates a warehouse, R&D department, administration, and logistics.  This expansion will allow for more offices with a more productive and efficient layout, a larger showroom as well as improved social areas such as a kitchen and lunch room to accommodate the growing number of employees. The extension will allow for a special new Fika area, the Swedish word for having a coffee and a cinnamon bun.

Baltic Founder, Per Frode commented, “We are delighted to have reached this milestone in the company history.  Each year Baltic is looking to develop our products further to meet the demands of our customers.  Some of our newest products, such as the iFloat are reaching out to the SUP market which is a rapidly developing market, so we are excited to see where our products will lead to next.”

New Legend Solas 150



As part of their commercial range, Baltic Lifejackets have launched their popular Legend jacket with a SOLAS 150 Newton rating.

Since its launch the Legend has been a very popular product due to its superb comfortable fit.  The jacket is worn without any sign of riding up or gaping, meaning it can be worn over long periods of time without discomfort and is not intrusive for the wearer. The Legend has a large neck opening and padded back and is one of the most lightweight jackets available on the market.

For SOLAS regulations this legend lifejacket is fitted with two automatic inflation valves. The two pro sensor valves status are shown via a clear window on each arm of the jacket. Cylinder retainers which prevent the gas cylinder working loose even under heavy vibration and temperature extremes are also fitted.

The Legend SOLAS 150 is available in black, navy blue and DIN Rosso colour.  In addition, a special version with a PVC outer cover, which protects the jacket from oil, grease and dirt will also be available.

A Baltic Legend SOLAS 275 Newton is currently under development and is expected to be launched later in the year.

Baltic will be showing the new Legend SOLAS 150 lifejacket at the SMM exhibition which takes place in Hamburg 6-9 September on their stand B5 121.

Baltic Lifesaver


Baltic Lifejackets have added an inflatable lifebuoy to their portfolio – the Baltic Lifesaver.

The product, which is being manufactured and distributed by Baltic will complement their existing range of lifejackets, buoyancy aids and floatation clothing. With all its products Baltic Lifejackets is dedicated to improving the safety of people on or near the water.


There are several key design features to the Baltic Lifesaver which make it very user-friendly.  Easy to deploy the lifebuoy is encased in a tough yellow shell case, which can easily be thrown to a person in the water.  When submersed it automatically inflates and the opened yellow shell case works as a sea anchor, ensuring that the lifebuoy does not get caught by the wind and blow away.


The black webbing can be used to attach the horseshoe shaped lifebuoy to the body so it is easy to swim in and the webbing loop can be used to assist lifting a person back on board a boat.  Air can be topped up and released via a standard mouth inflation tube.


The lifebuoy is easily re-armed with a 33g CO2 cylinder and a UML automatic cartridge.


As well as being manufactured in a high visibility bright yellow, the inflatable lifebuoy is fitted with retro reflective patches on both sides for added visibility. The Baltic Lifesaver is rated to 135 Newtons and comes in 1 standard size.



Baltic launch camouflage lifejackets

Baltic Safety Products launch camouflage lifejackets

Following the successful launch of the Legend in 2015, Baltic have now developed a camouflage design version.

The jacket retains the same qualities of the standard Legend jacket but the outer material, in camouflage print, has been developed to withstand the rigors the standard jacket has to stand up to.

The Legend fits perfectly without any sign of riding up or gaping on both men and women. This means that it can be worn all day without any discomfort and feels less intrusive to the wearer. In addition to the superb fit, the Legend has some great features including a large neck opening and a padded back. The material used is pliable so it moves easily and comfortably.

The Legend is fitted with an automatic inflation mechanism. The status of the cylinder is shown via a window on the right arm of the jacket and, although this has featured on previous models, the size of the window has been increased for easier reading. An extra safety feature, is a cylinder retainer which prevents the gas cylinder working loose even under heavy vibration and temperature extremes.

The Legend camouflage has a removable crotch strap and comes in a unisex one size to fit from 40-150kg.  It offers 150Newton buoyancy.

The other camouflage lifejacket offered by Baltic Lifejackets is the Flyfisher camouflage.  The Flyfisher is the sport fishing’s elite and hunter’s choice. The Flyfisher is manufactured with the Baltic burst zip system.

This specialist lifejacket has been designed extra short so that it can be worn with waders. It is fitted with a Velcro patch to hold fly patches, a D-ring at the back for a landing net, lifting becket, soft fleece collar and six retro-reflective patches.


The 150 Newton rated Flyfisher Camo is designed for people 40-150kg and is available as a manual or automatic inflation version


Ultimate comfort from the Baltic SuperSoft II

Baltic recognise that having a comfortable buoyancy aid is key to getting people to wear their buoyancy aids. As we all know accidents are always when you least expect it so one should always be prepared.

Baltic is launching new for 2016 the Baltic SuperSoft II buoyancy aid which is made from their softest buoyant foam to provide a very comfortable fit.  The SuperSoft II has the front and back segmented into separate floatation panels plus elasticated fabric side panels for a smooth profile.

As with all Baltic products, the buoyancy aid has the standard practical elements, such as Nylon front zip, waist strap with buckle and bottom tie to prevent it riding up. The SuperSoft II is also fitted with 2 very useful side zipped pockets.

The SuperSoft II is available in 3 colours, black, hi-vis orange and white. In 4 different sizes from Small (30-50 kg), Medium (50-70 kg), Large (70-90 kg) to X Large (90+ kg).

The new iFloat from Baltic

The iFloat is Baltic’s latest development in personal safety equipment. Discreetly fitting around the waist the iFloat is a new product providing security for a variety of activities from those who are paddle boarding, fishing or just playing about on or near water.

The iFloat is contained in a compact pocket fitted to an adjustable waist belt. Because the iFloat fits around the waist this ensures the wearer has total freedom of movement. Deployment could not be simpler: just pull the iFloat out of the holder place over the head and pull the gas inflation toggle. When inflated the iFloat provides 75 Newtons of buoyancy and after deployment is easy to deflate and rearm. The iFloat is suitable for from 40 to 130 kg in weight.  

Baltic has earnt a reputation for high quality lifejackets and buoyancy aids and over 30 years has grown to be the largest manufacturer in Europe. This new concept of the iFloat is to provide another option to help improve safety in and around water. 

Baltic updates the Legend to include Harness

The popular Baltic Legend lifejacket has added to the range with a special version designed to comply with the current International Yacht Racing Regulations.

The Baltic Legend SLA now comes with an integrated safety harness, integrated spray hood, emergency light and internal mount for AIS/PLB.   When the Legend was launched last year, Baltic were confident that it would become a popular choice due to the advanced design details.  Since that time the lifejacket has become one of Baltic’s top sellers primarily due to the comfort as it fits perfectly without any sign of riding up or gaping on both men and women. This means that it can be worn all day without any discomfort and feels less intrusive to the wearer. In addition to the superb fit, the Legend Harness has some great features including the soft neck, inside lining and a padded back. The lining material is pliable so it moves easily and comfortably.

The Legend is manufactured with the same care, high quality and safety standards as other Baltic inflatable lifejackets.  It is fitted with an automatic inflation mechanism. The status of the cylinder is shown via a window on the right arm of the jacket and, although this has featured on previous models, the size of the window has been increased for easier reading. An extra safety feature now fitted to all Baltic inflatable lifejackets, is a cylinder retainer which prevents the gas cylinder working loose even under heavy vibration and temperature extremes.

The Baltic Legend Harness is available in either red or black material and suitable for all wearers between 40-120 kg.

Classic Buoyancy Aid – The Mariner – from Baltic Safety Products

New for 2016 Baltic is manufacturing, in classic colourways, the Mariner all-purpose buoyancy aid.  The Mariner is available in red, white and blue with contrasting coloured details.

The Mariner has segmented panels in the front and back for a snug fit and one zipped pocket on the right hand side of the jacket. The jacket has a nylon zip closure, adjustable blue webbing waist strap and bottom tie to ensure a perfect fit.  It is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X Large, covering all persons from 30 – 90+ kg.

Baltic never compromise on quality and functionality and all products undergo stringent quality controls. The Mariner has a 5 year guarantee and is tested and approved to EN ISO 12402 for buoyancy aids 50 Newton.

The New Argus Pro from Baltic Safety Products

New for the 2016 season from Baltic is the Argus Pro an addition to the comfort range of Baltic lifejackets. The Argus Pro is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, designed to fit close to the body and constructed using soft pliable yet highly durable materials. As with all of the Baltic leisure products the Argus Pro is manufactured to the highest quality and standards and has a five year guarantee.

For extra security all the Baltic comfort range of lifejackets have an inspection window to easily check the status of the lifejacket inflation mechanism.

The Automatic Argus Pro is available with or without an integrated deck harness and is available in 3 colours; Black, Blue and Red. Other features incorporated into the Argus pro are a secure zipped pocket ideal for storing anything from a mobile phone, keys or wallet, detachable crutch strap and attachment point for an optional sprayhood.

The jacket fits persons between 40-150 kg.

New colour additions to Baltic’s extensive Children’s range of Lifejackets

The extensive Baltic range of ever popular children and baby lifejackets have been upgraded for the 2016 season with an additional colour way of soft pink. This new colourway is available in the Bambi plus the smaller sizes of the Pro Sailor and Split Front lifejackets. The Baltic range starts with the Bambi Supersoft which is perfect for new born babies 3 to 15 kg.  The Bambi, as with all Baltic lifejackets, has excellent turning properties, ensuring the infant is always in the safe face up position when in the water. The new pink adds to the high visibility yellow and orange already available in this popular range.

To ensure an optimal fit the Baltic Pro Sailor has been designed with smaller size increments for ever growing children. The Pro Sailor is available in infant, child and junior from 3-10 kg, 10-15 kg, 15-30 kg and 30-40 kg. The two smallest sizes have a beaver tail crotch strap for comfort and improved fit.

Finally, the Split Front lifejacket has a wide comfortable collar and split front panels to allow freedom of movement.  Available in high visibility yellow and the new soft pink, sizes 3-15 kg and 15-30 kg.

All of the Baltic children’s lifejackets are fitted with a whistle, retro-reflective patches and all sizes up to 30 kg have a grab handle under the collar for easy retrieval. For greater flexibility of sizing the crotch straps on all up to sizes up to 30 kg lifejackets have high and low attachment points. Adjustable beaver tail crotch straps are standard on all the sizes up to 15 kg for added security and comfort.

Baltic makes a Splash with their new buoyancy aid

Baltic never compromises on safety for those on or near the water. To encourage people to wear personal protection Baltic believe the product must not only function correctly but should also look good on. Therefore for every new season Baltic offer new ranges in traditional and vibrant colourways to give their users plenty of choice.

The Splash is a new range of all-purpose buoyancy aid from Baltic, comfortable and lightweight. Tested and approved to the 50N standard, the Splash will keep the wearer afloat with a good margin of safety.

The Splash is very practical, with a zip front fastening, adjustable waist strap and a bottom tie to keep it securely in place. A crutch strap is also available as an accessory if required.

The stylish buoyancy aid is available in 3 colour ways, Navy with a White flash, Black with a pale Green flash and pale Green with a Black flash. The Splash size range is 30 to 50 kg, 50 to 70 kg, 70 to 90 kg and 90 kg plus.

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