Baltic Argus 275 Mk2

  • Article number: Auto 2799. Man 2789
  • Size: One size 40-150 kg

Argus 275 Mk2 is equipped with a new designed lung that gives improved head support and consequently better in water performance. Fitted with the Argus valve so that the lifejacket status may be checked without opening the cover. Available in manual or automatic version. The outer cover is from a durable fabric with a zip closure to prevent the lifejacket opening up when not required. Fitted with non-magnetic stainless steel interlocking front buckles, crutch straps, whistle, lifting becket, toggles and retro-reflective patches. There is also an integrated harness version available. Optional: safety light, spray hood and protective covers. Automatic cartridge art no 2520. CO2 cylinder: 60 g art no 2460.